The broad church accepts high debt

by Crispin Hull on March 28, 2015

THE broad church, as John Howard has put it, that is the Liberal Party has accommodated many views, but it always has had one article of faith – fiscal rectitude. [click to continue…]

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Double dissolution favour majors not minors

by Crispin Hull on March 21, 2015

THE Greens would be the biggest losers in a double dissolution. Perhaps that is why there was a bit of muttering about the possibility among Ministers in the past week. But the talk was quickly dismissed. Undermining Green power is one matter, losing government in the process is another. [click to continue…]


Thought bubble or super idea?

by Crispin Hull on March 13, 2015

THE special interests came out in force during the week at the suggestion by Treasurer Joe Hockey that young people be allowed to dip into their superannuation to help buy their first home. [click to continue…]

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Being fair to the next generation

by Crispin Hull on March 7, 2015

GOVERNMENT debt in Australia has fluctuated furiously in all the time we have had public finance, so it should not be a big item in an intergenerational report. Other things are much more important. When you look at them, future generations would much prefer a pile of debt and those things protected than no debt and those things lost. [click to continue…]


Disaster as usual in the face of the eye of the storm

by Crispin Hull on February 27, 2015

THE LONG queues of Esky-clutching ice-desperate people outside the very few service-stations with power in the wake of Category 5 Cyclone Marcia should have delivered a pertinent message. Instead, so much of it was disaster-as-usual coverage. Stoicism, good neighbourliness, miraculous escapes; raging torrents; fallen trees; mud in houses; boats floating in main streets and so on. [click to continue…]

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Of roads, railways and water money

by Crispin Hull on February 21, 2015

ONE OF of the most significant broken promises of the Abbott Government has had little attention. But this week things started hotting up. [click to continue…]


Coalition’s Micawber-like economics is out of date.

by Crispin Hull on February 14, 2015

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott says that economic management is in the Coalition’s DNA. That may be true if you view economic management as merely being on the right side of Micawber’s equation. [click to continue…]


‘Strong’ leadership lacks followership

by Crispin Hull on February 7, 2015

IN A week when the navel gazing in the Liberal Party over leadership has now descended into lint picking, maybe we should have a closer look, not at leadership, but at followership. [click to continue…]


Unadulterated idiocy reveals constitutional flaws

by Crispin Hull on January 30, 2015

prince-philip-435380SOMETIMES it takes an act of unadulterated idiocy to expose the weakness in a system. Thanks to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Australians are looking again at our constitutional arrangements and the remnant ties to the British Crown. [click to continue…]


Does Australia have a national character?

by Crispin Hull on January 24, 2015

IN AN ideal world, the old joke goes, you would have French cuisine, Italian romance, British humour and German administration. But pity help you if you get British cuisine, German romance, French humour and Italian administration. The joke was brought to mind as Australia Day approaches. Are there such things as national characteristics? Or is such talk dangerous stereotyping at worse or harmless, illogical twaddle at best? [click to continue…]