Grown up UK and NZ make Abbott look undergraduate

by Crispin Hull on May 16, 2015

LAST year’s Budget was flop; this year’s Budget is flip. How is it that Britain’s and New Zealand’s conservative governments have done so well both economically and with the voters, yet Australia’s conservative government is doing so badly with both? [click to continue…]


Up here for brains down there for kidneys

by Crispin Hull on May 13, 2015

WHAT follows is a quite radical idea following Carrie Bickmore’s Logie-award plea for more money for brain cancer research. Cancer research consumes a huge amount of money but we are going to have to raise it if we are to get better results. One way is to see if spending in other health areas can be reduced, to free up money for research. [click to continue…]


The case for more sound public-sector activity

by Crispin Hull on May 2, 2015

A NEW “fightback” is emerging in Australia. The publication of two books in Australia yesterday exemplify the trend.

Ian McAuley

Ian McAuley

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Government cannot refreeze the Greenland icesheet

by Crispin Hull on April 24, 2015

IT HAS been a week of government and communal effort to come to the rescue of people and private property affected by storms and floods. [click to continue…]

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St Peter of the three smirks betrays Budget purity

by Crispin Hull on April 18, 2015

OH THE rank hypocrisy of Saint Peter of the Three Smirks. It was he who betrayed the creed of budget prudence by cutting capital gains tax in half; by cutting tax on superannuation for those over 60; and by squandering the fruits of the mining boom on tax cuts for the rich. [click to continue…]


Legal system too slow for copyright solution

by Crispin Hull on April 11, 2015

THE legal system has rarely been able to keep up with technology. And so it has been with the question of the illegal downloading of music and movies from the internet. This week much has been made of the legal victory of the copyright owners of the Dallas Buyers Club in the Federal Court. They successfully sought an order for six internet services providers to disclose the names and addresses of people suspected of illegal downloading. But this was more a technological victory than a legal one. [click to continue…]


Not being Abbott is not enough for Labor

by Crispin Hull on April 4, 2015

LABOR should now stop repaying Tony Abbott for the six years of obstructionist bastardry during the time Labor was last in Government – for Labor’s own sake and the sake of the nation. [click to continue…]

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The broad church accepts high debt

by Crispin Hull on March 28, 2015

THE broad church, as John Howard has put it, that is the Liberal Party has accommodated many views, but it always has had one article of faith – fiscal rectitude. [click to continue…]

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Double dissolution favour majors not minors

by Crispin Hull on March 21, 2015

THE Greens would be the biggest losers in a double dissolution. Perhaps that is why there was a bit of muttering about the possibility among Ministers in the past week. But the talk was quickly dismissed. Undermining Green power is one matter, losing government in the process is another. [click to continue…]

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Thought bubble or super idea?

by Crispin Hull on March 13, 2015

THE special interests came out in force during the week at the suggestion by Treasurer Joe Hockey that young people be allowed to dip into their superannuation to help buy their first home. [click to continue…]

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