Backfire: plebiscite shows appetite for action

by Crispin Hull on November 17, 2017

JUST as the postal plebiscite has blown up in the faces of the conservatives who promoted it, let us hope that any subsequent rearguard sabotage attempt under the guise of freedom of religion does the same thing. [click to continue…]


Upheaval likely when oppressed pushed too far

by Crispin Hull on November 10, 2017

THE release of the Paradise Papers in the week of the centenary of the Russian Revolution and in a week when the peaceful leaders Catalonian independence were branded criminals should warn us that history did not end with the coming down of the Berlin Wall in the 1989. The clash between the forces of capitalism-individualism-rentiers vs the forces of communism-socialism-collectivism-labour is alive and just as destructive as it has ever been. [click to continue…]


Medibank attack’s collateral damage on private health

by Crispin Hull on November 3, 2017

THE Howard-Abbott-Turnbull attempts to bury Medicare while publicly praising it and its attempt to boost the bottom line of the private health providers are now proving to be corrosive not only of the public health system, but of the private system as well. [click to continue…]


Productivity Commission ignores major issue

by Crispin Hull on October 28, 2017

THIS week’s Productivity Commission Five-Year Productivity Review contains page after page of sensible, mostly obvious, recommendations for change that would improve Australians’ living standards – with one glaring omission. [click to continue…]


MALCOLM Turnbull’s government grows more Trump-like every week. Last week’s health-insurance announcement and this week’s energy announcement illustrate the point. [click to continue…]


Plebiscite huge own goal for conservatives

by Crispin Hull on October 14, 2017

WE ARE about to witness the most spectacular own goal on the conservative side of Australian politics since Malcolm Fraser called the early 1983 election and lost. There is enough polling evidence now to presume that the marriage plebiscite has been an utter miscalculation by the conservatives on several fronts. They thought they could defeat marriage equality. They will not. [click to continue…]


Luther’s 500 years of influence

by Crispin Hull on October 11, 2017

FIVE hundred years ago this month, Martin Luther, placed (some say defiantly nailed) his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Castle church in what is now Germany, thus sparking the Protestant Reformation and changing the tide of human history. [click to continue…]


Cognitive ability’s application to politics

by Crispin Hull on October 3, 2017

RESEARCH published (but not widely published) this week has the potential to change the practice of the art (or perhaps science) of politics. Francisco Perales, of the University of Queensland, was looking at the marriage plebiscite, but his work has much wider application. [click to continue…]

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Tricky question of getting better banking

by Crispin Hull on September 22, 2017

THE chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, has always championed competition as the friend of the consumer. In the past few years he has been especially critical of state-owned utility monopolies and privatisations that lead to monopolies and structures that hurt consumers. [click to continue…]


Equality demands all or nothing on marriage question

by Crispin Hull on September 15, 2017

MARRIAGE is like bankruptcy, childhood, insanity or being under sentence, and that is why I will be answering Yes in the absurd, unnecessary and costly statistical survey asking people whether they think people of the same sex should be able to marry. It is also why people of religious convictions whose religion holds that marriage is to be only between a man and a woman should do the same. [click to continue…]