Loony right’s foot-shooting exercise

Clive Palmer has done Australia a big favour in entering this election. He, along with the National Rifle Association of the US, will most likely deny One Nation any Senate seats.

Palmer’s United Australia Party’s Senate how-to-vote-card has six preferences on it in each state. None are for One Nation in any state. Similarly, One Nation has not put UAP in any spot on its Senate how-to-votes cards.

The two strongest loony right party’s have shot each other in the foot.

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Population woes: left right and centre

Presentation to Sustainable Population Australia. Brisbane. 27 April 2019.

Nearly everyone at this Sustainable Population Australia* event is most likely utterly perplexed as to why far more people are not seeing the obvious: that Australia’s population trajectory spells worsening lives for most Australians; extinction for many of our species; a falling capacity to help feed the world’s people; and a lot of other adverse consequences.

Having worked in and observed the Australian media for more than 40 years I might be able to shed some insight as to why. 

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Death, here is thy sting

There is a corollary to the refrain: “I have paid taxes all my life and I am entitled to an old-age pension.” It is this: “I have enjoyed roads, education, health, police, defence and a myriad other things provided by the government all my life, so shouldn’t I pay a little tax when I die?”

Similarly, there is a corollary to the refrain: “I have worked hard all my life to build up some wealth so I am entitled to leave it to my kids or whomever I want?” It is this: “Why should some people get a richly undeserved windfall just because they are lucky enough to have wealthy parents?”

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Ireland may save Britain from Brexit

For the first time in more than 300 years, England has not been able to bully Ireland to get its own way. This week, the old divide-and-rule tactics of the British Empire fell flat because Ireland is no longer on its own. It has 26 rock-solid friends in the European Union who have vowed not to drop the Irish backstop in any arrangement with Britain to leave the European Union.

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Why major parties will never recover

The NSW election followed the voting trend away from major parties, but it also helped answer the reason for the trend in a way not shown in previous federal and state elections.

For too long we have been looking at what the major parties are doing (well or badly) for the answer. But the answer lies elsewhere.

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PM’s non-policy is making Australia worse

IN A week when population has been a big-ticket policy item, I am going to ask you to make a guess given these facts. In 1788, Australia’s population was about 200,000, all Indigenous, except for a few First Fleeters. In 2018, 220 years later, the population was 24 million and growing at the rate, according to the ABS, of 1.82 per cent a year. If that rate continues, what will Australia’s population be in 2238, just 220 more years later?

Will it just double (given it is double the number of years) to 46 million? Or guess another figure.

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