And the prize for worst Coalition PM goes to?

by Crispin Hull on March 17, 2017

AS OUR agile, innovative, laissez-faire, small-government Prime Minister grapples with the contradictions of regulating gas exports and propping up the dying coal industry with public money, people might ponder anew the question of who has been the worse Coalition Prime Minister in recent history. Malcolm Turnbull himself? Tony Abbott? Billy McMahon? [click to continue…]


Soft and hard coral bleaching

THIS is not a crime against humanity. This is a crime by humanity. We have sentenced to death the largest living thing on the planet – the Great Barrier Reef. The sentence is being carried out slowly and painfully before our eyes. [click to continue…]


Parliament fails; think tanks go to top of class

by Crispin Hull on March 3, 2017

HARDLY a week goes by without the publication of some well-thought-out, evidence-based paper recommending solutions to some of Australia’s pressing economic and social problems – tax, education, health, defence, energy and so on. But very few of them come out of our Parliament. And if they do, they come out of parliamentary committees which are usually not evidence-based but rather dependent on submissions by usually self-serving interest groups. [click to continue…]


Isolationism the historic force in US politics

by Crispin Hull on February 24, 2017

YOU have to go back to 1829 to find the beginning of a presidential term as chaotic as the one this year. In 1829 Andrew Jackson entered the White House after a handsome electoral victory. He thereupon removed 919 government officials – about 10 per cent of the administration – so he could fulfill numerous promises made to people during the election campaign. And so began the “spoils” or patronage system in US politics which has ebbed and flowed ever since and is now flowing “bigly”. [click to continue…]


Coal-ition in delusional denial on electricity

by Crispin Hull on February 17, 2017

IN THE past fortnight I have been reminded of Comical Ali, Iraq’s former information minister Mohammad Saeed al-Sahhaf , whose broadcasts and media conferences denied the presence of US troops and tanks in Baghdad even as they could be seen behind him. The delusional in denial. What reminded me of him, of course, were all the climate change deniers spouting their nonsense while high-temperature records were broken and bushfires raged across the country. [click to continue…]


Bernardi ratting shows Senate needs reform

by Crispin Hull on February 10, 2017

SENATOR Cory Bernardi’s statement that he wants to restore integrity and confidence in Australian politics as he ratted on the party under whose banner he was elected is about a credible as the assertion that Donald Trump will “never let you down” spoken by his third wife. And they are linked. [click to continue…]


Abolish double dissolutions and have fixed terms

by Crispin Hull on February 3, 2017

FORMER prime minister Tony Abbott’s call for a referendum to change the constitution to reduce the power of the Senate is, at last, an admission from the conservative side that the Constitution is “broke”. Hitherto, conservatives have mouthed the platitude, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” [click to continue…]

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Black tipped reef shark Low Isles

by Crispin Hull on January 27, 2017

Thought I would share my pic of a black-tipped reef shark I took while snorkelling at Low Isles, Far North Queensland.


Doing the obvious on housing ‘affordability’

by Crispin Hull on January 27, 2017

New NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is ignoring the two elephants in the housing-affordability argument. Ordinary people should be able to buy in Sydney, she said this week. Housing affordability was her number-one priority as Premier, she assured us. [click to continue…]


The weighty matter of sugar and diabetes

by Crispin Hull on January 20, 2017

I USED to think that excess weight was caused by eating too much and/or not exercising enough. “There was no-one overweight on the Burma Railway,” I’d quip. Not any more. [click to continue…]